Rathole Drilling

Before the drilling rig arrives many rigs need to have some prep work done such as setting a conductor pipe. Which is usually a length of 16" pipe that is cemented in place that serves as a pilot hole which the drilling rig will use in the first step of its drilling process. It helps reduce time for the rig by sealing off any early loss circulation concerns due to poor soils at surface. Rathole rigs will also set the cellar crib, that keeps an area open around the hole and makes life easier for attaching well control equipment. This process also includes the drilling of the mouse and ratholes which are storage holes for the kelly and a stand of pipe.

Pressure Cementing

This unit is a truck mounted single cement pumping unit as used in well drilling/service industry. The unit is a custom built oilfield, single pump cement unit powered by one diesel engine. The chassis engine is dedicated to driving the truck and the unit’s triplex pumping package and the unit’s hydraulic system. The unit can be used for a wide variety of fluid pumping operations such as well cementing and pressure testing.

The Key cementer components include, one SPM TWS600S high pressure plunger pump, ground mixing system, one hydraulically operated pressure/precharge GD certrifucal pump, one mechanically operated mixing centrifugal pump, two open top displacement tanks with vertically mounted mixers, all sensors for electronic recording capability, ECAM controls and a Enerflow Data Acquisition system.